I had been away already this Summer, having ventured to Barcelona in June with two close friends. Yet when the opportunity came along to go on a vacation with my parents for a week in the Canary Islands, particularly Fuerteventura, I was not going to turn it down. I was asked whether I wanted to join them considering now that I am twenty with my older brother in his mid-twenties, it is rare that we have family holiday’s abroad. At first I was sceptical about going with them. I had mixed feelings of whether I was invading their time together and should leave them to go themselves, and whether I could afford it, considering I had to pay a substantial amount of money to tag along. Nevertheless I agreed, and on the 6th September 2016 I found myself jetting off on a four-hour flight to Fuerteventura with my parents.

Immediately I became aware of how hot it was on the island. It was a small island, and our hotel was marvellous. We were greeted by reception staff, who soon asked one of the bellboys to take our bags to our room. It was a service I wasn’t really used to and felt as if I had entered a different lifestyle immediately. The hotel was luxurious and elegant. It was an adult hotel too, so there were no children running about which was one of the reasons I agreed to come along, because in the simplest way to explain it, children can annoy me. When we arrived at the suite, it was like a small apartment. The bathroom large, the bedrooms large, with a balcony that had a hot tub settled on it, and a minibar in the rooms that were refilled daily and everything in the minibar was free to take. It came with the room. I was quite astonished by it, elated, even in my tiredness of the flight.

As the days continued on this vacation, I became more and more surprised by my experience on the island. I was burned severely by the sun on day two, despite having put sun lotion on, it seems that I mistakenly had not put enough on. I was red raw from my collarbone to one of my arms, but this did not stop my enjoyment. The third day I visited the spa of which I had a facial treatment. My face was cleaned with all sorts of scrubs and gels, massaged, and when it was coming to its end, I was covered in gel on my collarbone and arm. At first I was confused by it, but after this treatment, I came to realise that she must have seen my burns and therefore applied some sort of treatment to it because the burns faded substantially within the hour of application.


On one of the days, we went on a boat trip to one of the other islands called Lobos. The boat trip consisted of sailing across the choppy waters, visiting the island that was rather desolate and contained only shacks where fishermen stayed on various days throughout the week, but no one lived their permanently. We had stepped off the boat onto a speed boat to get to the island, and that was another experience in itself considering I felt my life flashing before my eyes on more than one occasion when I felt I was going to fly out of the boat. After the island, before we headed back to Fuetreventura, we anchored in a random spot in the sea.

The crew took out kayaks and a paddle boat, telling us all that we had to jump into the sea from the boat and then we could all do some snorkelling. We were informed that the fish were very friendly, and when given pieces of bread to us to hold out to them, many fish approached to take bites of bread from our hands. What was beneficial about this whole trip on the boat was that the crew were constantly taking photographs of us all on a go-pro camera. We could download the photos for free afterwards from their website which made the experience even more fantastic because naturally it is quite difficult to observe the beautiful surroundings if you’re having to focus on your phone camera.


On the last day, we visited a market near our hotel. It sold all touristy sort of things like bracelets, magnets, clothing, art-work, well a variety of things really! My parents ended up buying me a bracelet that I have yet to remove from my wrist. It isn’t anything special but I considered it to be rather pretty and different from the usual jewellery I wear. It was also a good thing to buy to remember the vacation more than anything else.


After the market we visited the beach nearby, a ten minute bus drive away. We spent a few hours there, of which we happened to go on a particularly windy day so the waves were rather high in the sea. Leaving my Dad to sunbathe on the deckchairs, my Mum and me went into the sea and had our lives flashing before our eyes multiple times when we were nearly swallowed by the waves! Yet it was all comical because of how unaware we had been of them arriving – as well as us attempting to jump over high waves (which as you can imagine is impossible with two women who are 5ft and 5’3 tall).


As a place to visit, I recommend it highly. Naturally it would not have occurred to me on my own to visit such a place. In fact, I don’t think I had ever heard of the island of Fuerteventura before I was invited to tag along to go there! No doubt it is a place however I would go to again and love to explore moreso of. It was even more wonderful to visit out of school holiday times, so there were no children around and it was made to be observed as the paradise it was. Absolutely tranquil.


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