You wake up and check your phone every single morning. You scroll down your feed on Facebook and more often than not, there’s a shared or liked post from one of your Facebook friends about sexuality, or being gender neutral, or something that seems to be a hot topic surrounding gender, sex, or sexuality. You take a peek, have a little read of the article, but then it comes to your head the same old question – or at least, it’s come to my head quite a lot – who cares? Why is this still an issue?

There are so many hot topics that seem to become trends these days. Most of them I cannot even fathom. Racism, Homophobia, and anything else that puts a negative perspective on people’s individuality sort of baffles me. In perhaps a naive way, I just cannot understand it. I’ve never been racist or homophobic, but my motto from a very young age has just been to live and let live. I just couldn’t care less. You’re gay? Great. You’re black? Fantastic. You’re transgender, you prefer not to be referred to by certain pronouns, you’re gender neutral? All great stuff. You do you. I have absolutely no issue with it and in my naivety, perhaps even innocence, it brings me to the question: Why do other people seem to have an issue with any of it?

It’s 2016. Why are we still not over the fact there are gay people living their lives and just having a fabulous time? Why are there people who aren’t over the fact that their next door neighbour is a black family? I can understand to an extent, despite how much it frustrates me, that the older generation may have an issue with this because of the sociological change they’ve witnessed and yet not adapted to. My issue is that the younger generation are using derogatory terms for homosexuals and various races to make a joke or to tease their friends (e.g. “You’re gay!”). Why is this happening? And when I scroll down my own Facebook feed and see someone I know has posted something racist about Muslims or something negative about homosexuals, I’m very confused because they’re the same age as me. Therefore, we’re in the same generation – why has their mind been influenced by the toxic perception that we should be put into categories and there are superior categories to others? The fact is, that there are so many people influenced by the older generation. Sure you should respect their opinion, but it does not always mean it is right. You should be able to tell that it’s wrong when it’s influencing you to be judgemental and encourages you to put yourself on a higher level of supremacy compared to others.

The argument is that it is all about culture and religion. There are set ideologies around us which we can either choose to follow or choose to walk away from. These ideologies that are accentuated by signs and positions of power around us. Just think about Donald Trump for instance. He is a sign of negativity (well, if I simplify it to one singular word). Consider those in the media that steer your view in a direction that is bias to a particular idea. Sometimes you might not even realise or acknowledge that you are nothing but putty in the hands of a careless sculptor.

Yet in other ways, I seem to observe that perhaps we are creating this enormous difference by our own actions. Understandably, there needs to be communities for the entitled minority groups because, whether we choose to accept it or not, if you’re in the LGBTQ community, you are at some point in your life, unfortunately, going to be a target to hate whether intention or unintentional. I say unintentional, because no doubt there will be times where those who are unaware of their words and may be saying something in jest will remark a word or phrase that they consider jovial but may be received in a less jovial way. However, I think in some ways the difference is created by exploiting these minorities. It is an arguable statement of course, and even as I write this I can think of a thousand responses that argue against myself. Nevertheless, I will pursue. By exploiting minorities, hate or misunderstanding is attracted. The internet does not help in trying to soothe the wounds of those affected by large events broadcasted by the media. Instead, if you post a tweet or a status, 90% of the time an argument about how the minority is wrong is riled up. It spreads awareness, yes. But it can also be very overwhelming to have an opinion on something, a cemented belief in something, that is ultimately shot down.

How can we fix this? Why are there so many people with a misunderstanding? I suppose in many ways, the fight against those across the web is going to pursue until we’re all old and grey. The internet is the best way, supposedly, to spread awareness anyhow – but on the contrary, also the best way to spread hate. The fact is this may be one of those unfixed circumstances. We may be stuck in a world where even thousands of years alter, there is an opinion on sexuality that is negative and controversial. It is a sad conclusion but in a world that is filled with stubborn groups of people, it seems rather impossible to mould the mindsets of thousands when you’re simply a needle in a haystack.

What is your opinion on all of this?


2 thoughts on “Why is Sexuality still an issue?

  1. I think the humans will never really break out of it, we have this natural desire to associate with those like us and label everything else so as to make ourselves feel better about our own choices.


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