For some people learning can immediately be associated with education. Yet learning can be indulged by individual’s in many ways outside of the typical sphere of schooled education.

In some ways being intelligent can bring forth negative or mocking stereotypes. Intelligence has been publicised by the media in various ways to be associated with the words ‘nerd’, ‘geek’, and ‘snob’. These are only some of the words that are typically related with the word and shown in various mediums such as television and film to display intelligent characters or people in a way that makes them distant from the audience. They are presented so that they are unfamiliar and so that we are able to connect with them on a personal level.

Yet how important is it to learn? Should we want to learn?

You needn’t need a PhD to be intelligent. You needn’t even explore the adult world of education to be intelligent. To learn is important however. To adopt an open-mind that can view the world and its constantly changing ways is monumental. To be able to adapt and to learn things from different perspectives instead of being enclosed and alienated by fixed views is a talent that often is overlooked.

There are some people who distinguish intelligence as negative. They see intelligence as a way that makes them an outcast and something to be spoken about negatively. Intelligence however is a constant path for success. It does not necessarily mean you will be successful in business, although this could be achievable, but rather being successful in life and knowing oneself as well as how to view the world around you without a dark shadow of judgement.

Exploring the world and receiving skills that you cannot get in a textbook are as equally as important as being schooled. There are many ways to be intelligent and many ways to learn. So why not continue to pursue a lifetime of evolving your own mind?


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