So, you’re twenty years old. It’s the time in your life where you are expected to grow up. It’s a pivotal turning point in your life. Yet what should you be able to do by twenty? Get ready for a blog post that basically tells you all the things I’ve only recently been able to do by twenty years old (and some of it is SHAMEFUL).


Now, let me tell you something. I only bought my FIRST pair of heels the other day. I need to learn to walk in them and let me tell you that is going to be a tricky situation, because as an individual I’m both incapable of being practical and I’m pretty clumsy. So learning something that revolves around walking on essentially stilts is going to be a challenge. I feel that every girl should learn to walk in heels by twenty even if they haven’t got a pair of heels. It just seems to be a THING a woman should be able to do. I was never interested in heels before (hence why I haven’t purchased them until now) but the problem is, that when I went to nights out, trainers and formal shoes definitely do not go with any of my outfits – it kind of makes my outfit end up looking like trash. So even if you don’t want to buy heels and you’re not interested in them, I think it is essential to know how to walk in them by twenty years of age. Just be prepared!


I’m a mess. I only learned to tie my hair back into a ponytail a few months ago. Understandably however, I do have a reason for only learning this recently. Most of my life I have had very, very short hair and when I haven’t had short hair, in my years as a child, my Mother would tie my hair back for me, so I’ve never needed to learn or wanted to learn! It was only when I have decided to grow my hair out that I’ve realised what a nuisance it is to have my hair down all of the time (how girls who have had long hair for most of their lives do it, I will never know!). So, I decided to tie my hair up. With A LOT of help from my housemates at university (who found it comical that a girl of twenty couldn’t tie her hair up in a ponytail), I managed to successfully tie my hair up in the simplest way there is. Having short hair is great because you do not need to give it much attention, but when you have long hair, it’s hard to just ignore it and when it is hot weather, it’s HORRIBLE to have it hanging down loose all of the time. Therefore, I think by twenty, for practical and social reasons (to not be laughed at by your friends) you should have learned to tie your hair back by then.


Now this isn’t essential because some girls don’t want to wear makeup, and don’t need too. That’s fair. Yet if you’re putting makeup on, I think there’s a level you should be able to do. All of my life I only put BB cream on my face and mascara. That was it. The absolute minimal. Sometimes I’d even go ALL OUT and put on some lipstick, but that was about it. However, I think it’s necessary sometimes for events and interviews etc, if you want to feel a bit more confident. It’s not essential of course, but sometimes it just feels nice to glam up a bit. I think you should be able to at least put some more makeup on than me and know of what order to put it on in. Naturally, I’ve never been interested in makeup and brands etc, but I now have discovered (slowly) what each does and how it highlights my features in the correct way. There’s a lot of makeup tutorials out there to watch (all a bit boring no doubt) but they’re very helpful! I think if you want to spice up your life a bit, makeup is the way to go and you should know how to put it on properly without looking exactly the same or like a clown, by twenty years old.


There comes a time where you get involved with people differently than from when you were a teenager. You’ll start forming platonic and romantic relationships, but some of them won’t be healthy or positive. Some people will walk all over you and spread negativity in your life, or simply will just show to you that you are putting more effort into the relationship than they are. These are the type of people that you need to walk away from. It is not that easy to do as much as it is to say, for some people. Sometimes it’s harder to do such a thing because you might be thinking ‘Well, what if it’s me who’s in the wrong? What if I’m overthinking?’ so you’ll try to shoot the person another chance. It won’t change however most of the time, and so you have to comprehend when to walk away. Don’t waste your time with people who do not need you because time is limited and why allow someone to pull down your self-esteem and self-confidence when there are plenty other people in the world who can appreciate you?


Relying on others to cook for you may have been easy but there comes a point where you’ll receive some judgement for not being able to cook. You’re an adult now and adults should have independence and be able to cook for themselves as well as others. Being able to cook eggs and beans on toast or pasta is not cooking. I’m talking about actual meals. Can you make the same meal as your parent or guardian? Well you should be able to! It’s really easy and sometimes quite therapeutic to be able to cook. There’s no shame in not being able to do something considering I’ve had to Youtube how to cut an onion before. It’s all about experimenting and it’s all about learning something new that will stick with you throughout the rest of your life. There’s so many ways to cook something so it isn’t hard. There are instructions on the back of most things you cook, and if you’re not sure how to cook it, or want to be a bit adventurous than googling a recipe is always fantastic and really really easy! So why not be able to cook?


4 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Be Able to Do By 20: Girls Edition.

  1. I have a picture somewhere in my blog that says … Dad … a sons first hero, a daughters first love … father’s “should” teach their sons how to use tools and be good with their hands, a mother the daughter.. . How to cook , dress and take care of the young in the family … if your not unlucky and are a “single/only child! That with the makeup … also. Life is not just fun it has its does and don’ts it’s ups and downs, it’s pluses and it’s minuses! It’s all in God’s hand. Don’t Forget… you listen to all advice … but you never abandon your own. Live long and prosper.


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